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First Book Challenge - Mini Course

First Book Challenge - Mini Course

Learn all the insight how you can start taking actions for yourself to write your very FIRST BOOK. Discover techniques which will help you determine and decided how to start your journey and work for it.

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The Long Awaited Project - The Book

What is included in this course?

  • Session-1          The overview of what you will learn?

  • Session-2          The Road Map & Vision

  • Session-3          Meet with your Mentor (Introduction)

  • Session-4          When to write your 1st book?

  • Session-5          Why you should write your 1st Book?

  • Session-6          The Proven Method of writing your 1st Book.

  • Session-7          How to choose a topic for your 1st Book?

  • Session-8          How to Find content for your 1st Book?

  • Session-9          How to write your 1st book in just 15 days?

  • Session-10        How to become Amazon Best Selling Author?

  • Session-11         How to Make Money After Publishing your 1st Book?

  • Session-12        What is stopping you to write your 1st Book?

  • Session-13        The Next Step! How to execute this Process?

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