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I Believe..

"Stability may be enough for many of us, but I am always looking for more than a stable life. Something insight me always pushes me to achieve more then a stable life."

-Phani Nirola-

My Journey

I started my career as a caterer during my college days, I did not get the privilege to study in an English Medium School.

Because of this, initially, I struggled to communicate and speak proper English. Because of my communication skill, I did not find jobs.

I got rejected thrice for a simple sales executive job in a retail store. After lots of effort finally I managed to get into a job as a roadside sales executive, I used to speak with strangers to sell products.

I sold a lot of stuff in my first 3 months by just cold calling in the summer of Delhi, I would say I was really good at it because of my dedication, hard work, and most importantly need for money.

I have started saving money and invested in me joining different coaching programs to upgrade my spoken English as well as professional skills.

I knew, that if I have to grow my career, I must upskill myself. So, I challenge myself and decided to go for higher studies and joined an MBA program.

Once I have completed my MBA I started working with a financial organization as a Financial Planner and later I moved to the development sector.

When I first started working in 9-to-5, I thought it was the best way to go. I did not like the fact that I was still following the orders and not following my PASSION!

However, after a few years of working like this, I realized that I had no passion for it and wanted to do something more. So, I decided to start my own business.

This led me to find my passion and purpose – the way I discovered myself the same way to help people achieve their true potential and reach their goals faster than ever before.

Now I am an Amazon Bestselling Author of my first book ‘Digital Marketing Success’, I am a Creator, Marketer, and Founder of ‘NatunEdge Services’. I always Dare myself to convert my FEAR into STRENGTH.

Success for me to go off the track and work on a unique concept which is no one even thinking about. I am on Mission to assist individuals and organizations to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL fastest and easiest way.

Today I enjoy helping others to achieve their dreams by providing life-changing coaching programs. If you are wondering what exact steps did I follow and curious to know how you too can learn them you can book a consultation call with me.

Free Gift for You: Success Habit – A transformational blueprint on how to build habits of success & unleash the GREATNESS within YOU.

I Believe Every Problem is an Opportunity...

I have been privileged enough to get a decent education and work with reputed organizations to achieve magnitude in my life.

I am an MBA in Marketing with 14 plus years of diverse experience involvement in the field of financial planning, digital marketing, customer service, fundraising for NGOs, and starting a start-up.

My objective is to lift the financial well being of humanity by empowering individuals and businesses. I help individuals and companies to grow and reach their goal fasted and easiest way.

I am an Actual Potential Practitioner, Life Coach, Certified Mentor, Author, Creator and Founder of ‘NatunEdge Services’, a global Edification and Professional Services firm.

I always dare myself to convert my FEAR INTO STRENGTH. Success for me to go OFF THE TRACK and work on the unique concept which is no one even thinking.

I am a truthful, disciplined, and passionate person who inspires others to achieve Greatness.

Beyond this nothing is meaningful in this life. The reward comes only to those who have truly compensated the value to shine and work towards greatness.

I choose to go for greatness! Because I always wanted to understand what constitutes to be great, what gets in the way of it, what conditions are necessary for it, and what a leader’s role is in achieving it.As a result, I have learned a lot about GREATNESS. (The quality of being great)

I believe to become a great identity, need to follow three things

Support! Help! Assist! All three words have the same meaning and all are identical, as per dictionary the meaning is

‘Verb’ – ‘make it easier or possible for someone to do something by offering them one’s service or resources’

‘Noun’ – ‘the act of helping someone to do something’

‘Exclamation’ – ‘used as an appeal for urgent assistance’


To assist professionals and organizations to achieve their TRUE POTENTIAL fastest and easiest way.

What Can I Do for You?

Looking for a way to improve your productivity? I can help you get the most out of you and become the best version of yourself.

Learn to Discovering Yourself

Discover the secret to create most empowering life. Stand out from the crowd.

We work with the three principles CHOOSE, CREATE & BECOME.

To become, what you desire you need to choose first and work on your desire dream to create and finally become what you want to be.

Choose, Create & Become

Unique program

Enhanced Learning

Creative way of doing

Unlock Strategies

Everyday Innovation

Fasten Your Success

Our expertise offers flexible digital training for your learning need. Online c
ourses gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by us and experts in most required disciplines.

We cover unique topics like learning illusions, self-help, procrastination management, & best practices to help you master in the life skills.

Quickly Move Learning into Doing.

Creative Outcome

Result Oriented

Goal Obsessed

Always Accurate

Learn & Apply

Marketing Services

Turn your prospect consumers into paying customers. We can help you to design your Digital Strategy for your business.

Marketing helps any business to increase their sales & Revenue.

We provide all type of the Marketing services as per your need from lead generation to conversion, and from content creation to achieving ultimate outcome.

All Marketing Need under One Roof.

Always on time

24/7 Availability

ROI Focused

On time delivery

Increased Revenue

My Commitment

If you want you to be successful start here! For the first time, I have a concrete plan to help you succeed. I would love to help you, design your own.


Fast delivery, don't worry about delays ever again

Have you ever had to wait days, even weeks to get a service performed? That’s now in the past. Our team makes sure you get your delivery as fast as possible.


Marketing & Advertising on the right way

Stop using outdated tools, or following 1990’s blueprints. After working with thousands of clients, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t. Best results guaranteed, all the time.


Detailed weekly reports and statistics

Know exactly where your money is being spent, what is the ROI, and what’s the best way to keep scaling your business. Stop guessing about your sales - ad spend.

Feedback & Reviews

Almost 95% of customers say that they check the customer reviews when deciding whether or not to make a final decision. If you are not sure, always go for a review and feedback check. 

It’s your turn now!


“I am a small business owner, but I prioritized Phani’s advice and worked on that and I was very happy with the outcome. He has a unique ability to simplify the things which look complex from my lens. Phani’s advice is always clear, practical, and motivating.”


Rajiv Negi

Proprietor of Landmark Services


“Phani understands Marketing strategies and relationship Marketing at a level well, he brings the best of him to any project with a continuous implementation strategy.
He drives his strategies with great examples.”


Rashmi Singh

Manager at CanR Solutions


“I needed an updated for my Business. I didn’t want to try by myself, so I approached Phani, he was really helpful. I believed it was worth the cost for me, even though I am a proprietor and don’t have a big business. Thanks for making it easy.”


Pradeep Kumar

Owner of Mount View Hotel

trust pilot

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“ I have discovered a bunch of amazing methods to know myself and how I should lead my life. I am so excited to use them, I never thought and believed that yes I also can do something big in my life...Thank you so much for your guidance. Greatly appreciated.. ”


Kerala, India